Frequently asked questions


What is included in the Open Water Course?

For $375 you will receive the following: 1. Open Water (O.W) Course Crew Pack. (Books / Folder / R.D.P) 2. All Rental Gear is included within the duration and pricing of the course. 3. Classroom Sessions (Exam inc.) / Pool Sessions / O.W. Diving Sessions. 4. Certification Card*. * Optional Customizable Imaging - $10 (Proceedings go to 'Project Aware')

How do I sign up for a Class?

Easy as 1-2-3! It's recommended you do the following: 1. Call us on: (208-676-0348) to check for availability. 2. Sign up! 3. If more clarification is required then feel free to come visit us!

How often do Classes run?

We typically run one class, per month. For more information you can visit our ' Schedule' Page.

What Gear do you Stock/Sell?

We stock / sell the following: - Masks. - Snorkels. - Hoods. - BCDs. - Skinsuits / Wetsuits / Drysuits. - Gloves. - Boots / Fins. - Tanks. - Regulators. - Computers / Analog Consoles. - Accessories / Merchandise.