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Our Mission

We strive to provide the best possible service to divers in all walks of life, and create long-lasting friendships with divers from first-timers to seasoned professionals.

With Jake's Scuba Adventures, you're getting more than just a diving certification; you're getting a lifetime passport to a whole new world. 

The Powlison Family

Jake and Vicky have owned Jake's Scuba Adventures on Best Ave since 2016, with their son Joey working full-time in the shop alongside Jake. They have two daughters, Kayli and Lindsey.

Outside of scuba diving, the family enjoys camping, surfing on the California coast, and enjoying a cozy game night after one of Vicky's delicious family dinners. 

About Jake

Jake has been scuba diving since 2000, sharing a love for the sport with his friends and family. Raised in California, he's always felt a pull to explore the sea beyond the surface.


In 2011, Jake received his Instructor certification from PADI, and uses its superlative training platform in all levels of his classes. 

Over the years, Jake has been honored with over 30 specialty certifications, including Ice Diver, Underwater Photography, and CPR. His expansive knowledge allows him to teach both from experience and from his PADI expertise. 

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